Business Email Hosting
Dedicated enterprise email platforms.
HostMail offers robust, dedicated enterprise email hosting platforms designed from the ground up for maximum reliability, ease of use, scalability and affordability.

HostMail dedicated email servers are perfect for organizations who prefer to have their email and associated services on their own dedicated hardware. Whatever the reason - security, scalability, management, compliance or budgetary - HostMail dedicated email solutions are the answer for those needing more than what the cloud can provide. Dedicated platforms are monitored 24x7x365, and our data center staff manages all software updates, patches, and maintenance on the hardware so you can enjoy worry-free services.

HostMail dedicated email solutions are pure iron. No shared or virtualized servers are used in the dedicated solutions. You are guaranteed 100% utilization of your solution - no matter what the resource. Growing fast? Our data center engineering team can plan a path of hardware and service scaling to fit your organizational needs, both today and in the future. We can also create a redundant infrastructure, with or without load balancing.

HostMail dedicated servers aren't just for email.
You can host your website, databases, FTP, calendar, SSL certs and more.

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