Business Email Hosting
Why Hostmail?
Here's our story...

Hostmail has been providing email hosting since 2001. We're Midwest based, out of Green Bay, Wisconsin and literally in the shadow of legendary Lambeau Field. No earthquakes, tropical storms, terrorist attacks and zombie outbreaks ever happened here.

Our data centers are powered by one of the best electrical grids in the country and have local grid power feeds from coal, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear. There are no rolling brownouts here, which are common on the West Coast or in heavy urban areas.

In the winter, we are able to augment our data center chillers with winter climate direct cooling, reducing our carbon footprint. We also have a server room-specific A/C unit for the summers since does actually get warm here in our summers.

Our data center has fire suppression system protection, off-site disaster recovery systems, and is monitored 24x7x365 in all aspects. Physical security is maintained in three layered security from inside to outside door access, all monitored by video.

HostMail can also assist your company with more than just email. We offer other services such a co-location and custom application development. DMI Studios, our creative and technical services team, can build websites, web apps, mobile apps for iOS and Android, massively scalable hosting systems, and secure VPN and API accesses. If you have needs in those areas, please contact us.
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