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Want to bring rock solid email, web and other cloud services to your customers with a platform backed by amazing customer service? HostMail is a scalable IT hosting platform that doesn't reside in a California data center or doesn't use any Amazon S3 services. Hostmail operates in its own data centers for maximum uptime and reliability. We're not like other hosting platform companies - we're committed to customer service for our end point users. They rely on HostMail's platform to delivery business continuity day in, day out.

At HostMail, we're looking for fantastic IT solution providers who want to deliver the best solutions to their customers without having to deal with backbone cloud providers who aren't available for tier 1 level support. Have a problem? Call us. Speak to HostMail's support team backed by local engineers who can quickly and professionally resolve the issue. Perhaps your customer requires some customization? Our team can build customized solutions and do it on time, and in budget. All while making you look great to your IT customers.

We offer aggressive reseller commissions on our services. Our resellers and affiliates are able to scale recurring revenues from their client base with the HostMail platform, even if the client buys directly from HostMail. We can handle all the billing, accounting, support and upgrades once a customer is online with us. Some resellers handle first tier support, backed by us. Others rely on our Tier 1 support team for all their client needs. Either way, HostMail is flexible to how you want to handle your customer communications and support flow. Direct customer support is included in all of HostMail's services for resellers and affiliates. There's no extra charges to you or your customers, this is our commitment to providing the best support to all levels of customers.

Starting with a minimum of 10 customers, the initial commission rate is 15%. As you grow, the commission rate increases to 20% and then 25%. Commissions are paid quarterly. No caps on commissions and all service plans are covered. Here is a sample of what one could expect (using our base package):

# of Domains MSRP / Domain Comm. Rate Mo. Comm. $$$ Quarterly Comm. $$$
10 $9.95 15.00% $14.93 $44.78
75 $9.95 15.00% $111.94 $335.81
76 $9.95 20.00% $151.24 $453.72
150 $9.95 20.00% $298.50 $895.50
151 $9.95 25.00% $375.61 $1,126.84
300 $9.95 25.00% $746.25 $2,238.75


Are you an affiliate reseller who knows the ins and outs of SEO marketing and wants to augment your income with a recurring revenue stream? HostMail is the perfect product platform to provide to your traffic feeds that requires no hands-on IT knowledge, support or sales on your side. Deliver customers to our platform under your affiliate referral code, and we'll handle the rest from sales, to signup, customer implementation, and beyond. As services usage and invoices grow, so does your recurring commissions. No caps on commissions and all service plans are covered.

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